Global Danxia Landform

    On the ancient continent of North America-Russia (including north Europe, Greenland Island and the northeast part of North America),during the period of Caledonian Movement, the Land phase’s old red sandstone began to accumulated in the depression of in front of mountain and intermountain basin. For example, after the second stage of Abyssinia Geosyncline Taikang Movement(O3), large quantiy of clastic rocks such as red shale, sandstone, conglomerate deposited in the depression between western area of drape upheaval strip (geoanticline) and Laurasia Ancient Land. By the era of late Silurian, the accumulation of red bed extended to inland, the red bed and evaporation rock grew extensively in several basins of the United States (Alling & Briggs, 1961). In the Late Paleozoic era, there were red bed and evaporation rock once growing in most area of the ancient continent of North America-Russia and north part of Gangwana Ancient Land. During Devonian in China’s Tarim platform also appeared the accumulation of red coarse clastic rocks of continental phase (Wang Hongzhen, Liu Benpei, 1980). According to the Wen Yunchao (1993) introduction, West African plateau even had the large quantitive of red bed’s distribution in late Precambrian, which developed into typical Danxia landform. Therefore judging from the Formation era, the time when the red rock layer began to grow should be shifted to the Late Precambrian.

    The known number of sites with well developed Danxia landform in other regions and countries already amounts to 51, in 19 countries, such as America’s Arches National Park, Panulu National Park, England Brecon National Park, United Kingdom Gough Island, Greek Olympus, Bamiyang region in Afghan, Sri Lanka Ancient City of Sigiriga, Egypt Abu Simble, Mandingo Altiplano in Mail, Duo Gong Altiplano and etc.

At present, Danxia landform has not been used as a term in foreign countries, but it is unarguable that the above tens of sites belong to Danxia landform.

    Arches National Park of USA is situated southeast Utah state 50km away from Hite City, which centralizes the most Stone Windows and natural bridges, natural arches, similar to Danxia Landform. There have more than 1800 natural arches. England Brecon Beacons National Park with area of 1370km2 lies in the region of Brecon Beacons Mountain in South Wales, about half area belongs to Red Sandstone zone of Devonian, where grew Danxia landform with simple morphology.

    Gandamier Hongbori Mount. Region, with a height above sea level of 1155m, the highest mountain of Mali, is Danxia desk-like mountain. Its top still retains synclinal mountain structure with symmetrical gentle slopes. The characteristics of this kind of landform are large scale, vast area, big height difference, grandness and steepness, but a little monotone.

    Uluru-Kate Tjuta National Park in middle Australia owns Yaze and Organum Mount, formed by Cambrian marine red sandstone 500 million years ago, but the categories of its Danxia landforms are very single. Together with locating at hinterland of desert, it is dry, windy, with thin plant and population.


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