Danxia Mountain Biodiversity

Danxiashan is a typical area of the ecological succession in the late geological historical period. This area was nearly razed in about 25 Ma, and through repeatedly the earth’s crust uplift and fluvial incision for 6 million years, the primitive ecological community remains on the ancient planation surface on the top of the mountain surrounded by cliffs and in the closed ravines, including the old-growth forest and the secondary forest in initial condition which are in succession till now and has become precious natural heritage, not affected by human beings. On the surface of the collapsed cliff and colluvial stone, another ecological succession begins from elementary to superior level.


The plant resources have distinct features transiting between mid-subtropical area and south subtropical area.  There are 216 families, 891 genera and 1916 species of plants in Danxiashan, including 23 valuable and rare endangered protected plants, 5 species listed in the IUCN red inventory; 16 species in the red inventory of Chinese species; 13 species listed in national key protected wild plants inventory; 97 families, 204 genera and 347 species of Chinese endemic species, among which Danxia Chinese parasol, Danxia Lyonia and Danxia Chiritopsis repanda are most outstanding and typical in the Danxiashan endemic species.

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Danxia Chiritopsis repanda                                                      Isoetes sinensis           

Danxiashan remains favorable ecological environment for wild animals, and there are 88 species of mammals, 288 species of birds, 86 species of reptiles, 37 species of amphibians (or subspecies), 100 species of fish or subspecies, and 1023 species of insects, among which 59 species are listed in the red inventory of Chinese species, 73 species listed in the IUCN red inventory and 66 species listed in CITES animals.

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Neofelis nebulosa                                                                  Muntiacus crinifrons    

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