Management Organization

Organization Structure and Main Responsibilities of The Administrative Committee of Danxiashan, Shaoguan City

The Administrative Committee of Danxiashan, Shaoguan City (Danxiashan Rim Tourism Industrial Park, Shaoguan City), co-located with Management Bureau of Danxiashan National Natural Conservation Area of Shaoguan City, Guangdong Province, is a public institution (in the Division Level, Public Welfare I)  directly affiliated with Shaoguan People’s Government.

Main responsibilities:

1. To promote and implement the national laws and regulations on scenic spots, natural reservation area, tourism area, the natural and cultural heritage, the protection and management of geological heritage. Based on the requirement of matching powers with responsibilities, to enforce the management rights empowered by Shaoguan Municipal Committee of CPC and Shaoguan People’s Government and to take the corresponding administrative and legal responsibilities.

2. To manage the land and resources of the park.

3. To manage the planning of the park.

4. To manage the construction of the park.

5. To manage the forestry in the park.

6. To manage the environmental protection of the park.

7. To exert the law enforcement power granted by Shaoguan People’s Government on the land and resources, construction, planning, forestry, environmental protection, tourism, sanitation, etc. in the park.

8. To protect and take use of the resources of the park and manage the sites for religious activities and cultural relic in the park in accordance of the law.

9. To formulate the public regulation; to supervise and manage the sanitation, business and service industry in the park; to construct, maintain and manage the infrastructure, safety facilities and other public facilities.

10. To coordinate with the relevant organizations.

11. To take the responsibility granted by the Government of Renhua County and Government of Zhenjiang District to manage the agricultural and social affairs, etc. of 14 administrative villages within the park.

12. To perform other tasks given by Shaoguan Municipal Committee of CPC and Shaoguan People’s Government.

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