Protection and Sustainable Development

Danxiashan Global Geopark, which has a total area of 292 square kilometers, is the largest geopark in Guangdong Province with the most abundant geological relic resources as well as majestic, perilous, picturesque and beautiful scenery. Since the Danxiashan tourism industry started in 1980, 4 sightseeing sites with a total area of 40 square kilometers have been developed including Zhanglaofeng, Xianglonghu, Jinjiang, Yangyuanshan. Danxiashan was named as the National geological and geomorphological Natural Preservation Area in 1995 and National Geopark in 2001.In February 13, 2004, Danxiashan was approved by the UNESCO to be one of 8 members of the first batch of global geoparks in China.

Danxiashan Geopark is an important part of the UNESCO Global Geopark Network which has a very strict requirement on the construction and development of the global geoparks. The Ministry of Land and Resources of China has also formulated a series of measures and regulations to preserve the geological relics, other natural and cultural spots in national geoparks. In the process of the construction and development of Danxiashan, the Administrative Committee mainly preserved the united scenery resources of Danxia rocks-blue water-green forests-gardens in accordance with the relevant laws and regulations. Based on the preservation of the resources, Danxiashan has achieved the economic developments of Danxiashan Geopark and the villages around it by combing the resources in Danxiashan with the tourism development as well as rationally allocating the service facilitates. Therefore, the local regional economic development has been promoted with a mutual beneficial exist of Danxiashan Geopark and its neighbor cities and towns.

In the process of the protection and development of Danxiashan, a series of protection normative documents, plans, regulations have been formulated based on the national laws and regulations on geological relics. As the geological monitoring and protection have been actively implemented, the Mt. Danxiashan Geological Monitoring Report was worked out which represents a scientific, strict and normalized protection on the resources of Danxiashan geological relics. With the joint efforts from the Administrative Committee of Danxiashan Scenic Spots and the society, a great improvement has been achieved and a long-term development in the protection and sustainable development of Danxishan Global Geopark can be expected.

Regulations, Normative documents, Planning

Guidelines and Criteria for National Geoparks seeking UNESCO’s assistance to join the Global Geoparks Network (GGN).

Planning and Preparation of the Technical Requirements of National Geoparks.

Notice of the National Ministry of Land and Resources on Further Inspection and Acceptance of the Construction of National Geoparks.

Measures for Implementing the The Provisions of Protection and Management for Mt.Danxiashan, Guangdong Province” in Shaoguan City.

The Provisions of Protection and Management for Mt.Danxiashan, Guangdong Province.

Regulations for Scenic and Historic Areas.

Incentive Measures for Publicizing Shaoguan Mt. Danxiashan World Natural Heritage Site.

Notice on Further Strengthening the Management of the Vehicles in Danxiashan Scenic Spots Area.

Overall Planning on Mt. Danxiashan Scenic Spots (2011 ~ 2025).

Mt. Danxiashan Geological Monitoring Report (2013.4.20~2014.1.3).

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