Ecological Value

Danxiashan is one of the typical areas with a clear ecological succession in the geologic history. Around 25million years ago, this area was once weathered to peneplain. Since multi-uplifts and running water abrasion occurred constantly for 6million years, on the ancient peneplain surface and the top of peaks surrounded by precipitous cliffs, primitive ecologic environments are still conserved as the precious natural heritages, including the virgin forest or secondary forest in primitive state that have evolved till now. On the surfaces of the cliffs and colluvial stone blocks, the ecological succession has begun again from a low level to a high level. 

At present, large primitive rain forests of quasi-South Asian-tropical zone and natural secondary forests have remained intact in the geopark. In the forests, bines are interwoven together, in rich gradation and great shade density, and it is very hard to walk across. It has provided a very advantageous place of inhabitation and multiplication for all kinds of wildlife, and become an important base for protection of wildlife resources and restoration of ecologic environment.

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