Cultural Value

As an affiliated resource of the geopark, Danxiashan has outstanding historical and cultural value. Long time ago, there were ancestors living here. The Neolithic site which was excavated in the southeast represents that the cultural development in this area reached an approximate level as the Central Plains. 

Meanwhile, ancient villages in various historical periods still exit in the mountain. There is local saying that “where there is a mountain, there is a village; where there is a village, there is a door; where there is a door, there is precipitousness.”

Danxiashan is also a famous religious site in Lingnan area. More than 40 cave temples have been found including Biechuan Temple, which is praised as one of the top 10 Conglin (“Buddhist dense forest”) in Lingnan area.

Attracted by the elegant, fantastic and beautiful mountain, a great number of poems, carvings and inscriptions praising the bewitching scenery were left behind by writers, poets and painters throughout past dynasties.

The numerous steep cliffs and caves in the geoparks provide the cave coffins and hanging coffins with the appropriate the natural conditions. Several hanging coffin relics have been found in Shaoshishan, Dashishan and Danxiashan.

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