Travel information

1) Necessity

①Cloth: -Summer: hats, sunscreen cream, T-shirts, pirate shorts (wearing jeans would be too hot);

-Winter: warm overcoat and scarf;

-Spring and Fall: thin coat (in the morning and at night, the temperature here could get quite low), gym shoes (especially the one which is antiskid and hard - soled), underwear and socks;

②Food: Bottles of water, cracker, bread, sausage, ramen noodle, bars of chocolate, jerky, or any food that's high in energy.

③Medicine: Cold pills, Band-Aid, Mosquito repellent, etc.

④Others: raincoat, umbrella, walking stick, cash, VISA card, ID card, student ID, camera( battery and charger), memory card, cellphone(with charger), flashlight, etc. You might also want to bring your own towels, toothpaste, tooth brush, shampoo, and items like these. 


2) Matters need attention

①Wearing proper shoes is important. It is more comfortable for you to wear mountaineering shoes when climbing mountains. Otherwise, you can wear canvas shoes or sneakers. Leather shoes and plastic - soled shoes would be too slippery.

②Be careful. The inclination for some mountains is almost 90 degrees, so please move in your own pace, no rush.  In addition, never do sightseeing while you are climbing. And it is also extremely dangerous for people who take pictures unconsciously step back near cliffs.

③You might want to use some techniques when climbing. Here are two pieces of suggestions for you. Firstly, pay attention to the center of your body weight and adjust it if necessary. Sometimes you may want to lean forward to have better control of your body. Secondly, walk or climb in a Z path can save you energy. 

④Be Prepared. Bring enough water, food, and medicines you take on daily bases with you.

⑤Do not make graffiti.

⑥No smoking during climbing. It is a potential factor of causing mountain fire.

⑦No littering, please. There are many trash cans available.

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