scenic spots

1. Chahufeng

From the platform in front of Bie-chuan Temple, you can see a "teapot" when lifting up your eyes. It is not made by people, but by marvelous nature.

2. Mystery of Danxia-Jiemeifeng

Huge rift valley and vertical joint are beautifully presented in Jiemeifeng. Inner mountains is like a maze. Stalagmite and underground forest are telling the story of nature and the history of human activity.


3. Ancient village: Xiafucun

Xiafucun is the largest, the oldest, and once a rather rich village in Danxiashan. It shows the art of architecture. The arrangement of the village of very neat and organized with an ancestral temple in the middle. The house in this village has gable roof and walls similar to horsehead walls in Hui styled architecture. In addition, the road there is paved with selected pebbles which are similar in size and color into delicate geometrical patterns. All of them together show the characteristics of the village on the plain of Northern Guangdong.   

4. Jinshiyan

Hailuoya is on top of it, while Jinjiang River is below it. It consists of four parts: Qianshengyan, Zushiyan, Fuhuyan, and Longwangyan. It gets its name because of the colorful inside which changes with the season.

5. Enjoy Sunrise in Zhanglaofeng

The best position to enjoy this sight is the peak of Zhanglaofeng. Because the special landforms Danxiashan has, the sunrise here is as amazing as that in Mount Huangshan. Many visitors come here to enjoy this sight and think that it’s worth the long time travel.

6. Male Stone

It is at the peak of Yangyuanshan, and is also called "Ancestor Stone" or "Kids-Bringing Stone". No matter how you think of it, insane or marvelous; and no matter how you interpret it, a beauty of nature or a bane on the earth, it is a symbol of masculinity. In Chinese, "yang" means masculinity; "yuan" means head. 


7. Qunxiangchushan (Elephants coming out from the mountains)

On the southern Yangyuan, there is a group of mountains which looks like a crowd of elephants. The mountain with a temple on top looks like a female elephant with a crown. With the change of weather, the interpretation of the mountains changes. Sometimes it looks like a flock of elephant drinking water, for other times the scenario might vary. It is said that once upon a time, Jinjiang River was so narrow that it causes flood when a heavy rain took place. A god saw this disaster and wanted to save people from suffering, so he ordered five elephants to widen the riverbed and five horses to make the water flow into Zhenjiang. People lived happily ever after. To memorize the God and what he did, now there is Zhanglongfeng,Wumaguicao,and Qunxiangguojiang.

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