Special Dishes

1) Quick Fried Shankeng Snails

This local dish is really worth a try. The snail is in the shape of a cone and it is as small as an adult's fingertip. Although it is not hard to get snail throughout the whole year, it is not easy to well cook it. The best way is to put the snails in water before boil it as a way to let the sand and dirtiness come out of the snail. Then put the snails into chicken broth and let them soak for a while to add flavor to the snails. After that, we can cut off the bottom half of the snail. Adjust the stove to appropriate heat, the final step is to quick fry them with sliced green paper, Perilla frutescens, ginger, and leek.     

2) Danxiashan Tofu

Danxiashan Tofu is not made from soy beans; instead, the raw material is egg white. A bowl of steamed egg white with shrimp sauce on top, that's what Danxiashan Tofu is.

3) Danxiashan Diced Fish in Stinky Black Bean Sauce

This is a very local dish which is sometimes a challenge to some visitors. After simmering in unique stinky black bean sauce, the fish smells weird but taste delicious.

4) Roasted Heishan Lamb Leg

Lamb leg from Heishan, Renhua is roasted after being salted with sauce. The crispy crust forms a strong contrast with the juicy inside.

5) Snail Stew

Binglang grass is a common plant in the gardens here, and this is the secret of making snail stew delicious. It not only has an unusual aroma but also has the function of expelling pathogenic cold and dampness. Because of its long history, it has become a famous dish in Danxiashan.

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