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How to get to Danxiashan Global Geopark

Depends on where you come from, there are many ways available for you to get here, such as by air, by train, by bus, or by car. Also, there are various ways of travelling inside of the Danxiashan Global Geopark.

People who wants to visit Danxiashan usually go to Shaoguan first. It is around 9 miles from southern part of Danxiashan Global Geopark. Specific instructions on how to get to Danxiashan Global Geopark from Shaoguan is listed below.

1. By Air

Shaoguan has no civil airport yet, but if you want to visit Danxiashan Global Geopark, Guangzhou Baiyun International Airport is the closest airport. As one of the three junctional airports in China, Baiyun International Airport has both international and domestic flights to over one hundred cities. Visitors arrived by air can take shuttle bus or subway to the Railway Station, and get to Shaoguan by train. Once you arrived in Shaoguan, you can take a bus to the final destination, Danxiashan Global Geopark.

The train from Guangzhou to Shaoguan runs very often. There are more than one hundred time options you can choose from daily. Guangzhou Nanzhan Railway Station is where you can take high speed rail. It can take you to the destination, Shaoguan, in an hour. Guangzhou Railway Station is where you take normal trains, and it takes around two hours for you to get Shaoguan.

Baiyun International Airport Business Hotline: 020-36066999


2.  By Train

There are two railway stations in Shaoguan. Shaoguan Railway Station is for high-speed rail or EMU, and Shaoguan Dongzhan Railway Station is for regular trains. You can find buses to Danxiashan Global Geopark when you get out of the station.

Shaoguan Railway Station:

This is the first stop for a Wuhan-Guangzhou High-speed Rail after entering in Guangdong Province.

Once you arrive at the station, the bus stop which contains buses directly to Danxiashan Global Geopark will be on the left side of the exit. For the bus, the first run is at 8:50 am while the last run is at 6:50 pm. The bus runs every thirty minutes. It takes you an hour and a half to get to Danxiashan Global Geopark. The bus ticket is 21 yuan per person.

Address: Chishui Village, Xilian Town, Wuxi District, Shaoguan.

②Shaoguan Dongzhan Railway Station

Visitor who takes a normal train to Shaoguan can find the bus to Danxiashan Global Geopark on the left-hand square next to the exit. It takes approximately 50 minutes to arrive at the destination. The first run is at 6:50 am, and there is a bus to go every 15 minutes. The last run is at 20:30 pm. The bus ticket is 17 yuan per person.

Address: 56 Nanshao Road, Zhenjiang District, Shaoguan.

Phone: 0751-6172222


3. By Bus

Travelling by bus is another option. Many cities in Guangdong Province have buses to Danxiashan Bus Station, and the bus stop is right at the foot of the hill.

Danxiashan Bus Station is about 10 minutes’ drive from Renhua County, the distance in between is approximately 3 miles.

Address: 228 Jinxia Community, Danxiashan, Renhua County.


4. By Car

There are multiple highways to Danxiashan. Beijing-Zhuhai Expressway has two exists, one is at southern Shaoguan and the other one is at western Shaoguan. It takes less than an hour to get to Danxiashan Global Geopark from either expressway exit. 

How to travel in Danxiashan Global Geopark

1. By Free Scenic Bus

This is the main way to travel inside the Danxiashan Global Geopark. It is free with your admission ticket. The route is usually from the main entrance to Male Stone and Zhanglaofeng etc.

2. By Boat

You can travel by boat between Xianglonghu and Zhanglaofeng. A round-trip ticket costs 35 yuan, and a one-way ticket cost 20 yuan.

3. By Yachat

Taking Yachat is a good way to enjoy the beauty of Jinjiang River and Danxia Landform. You can take it at Male Stone Scenic Area. The ticket costs 90 yuan for one person.

4. By Bamboo Raft

A special way to travel in Danxiashan Global Geopark is by bamboo raft. The charm of the village and western mountains can be beautifully displaced in front of you. It starts from Danxia Power Station to Nvbicun Village. It’s a one-way trip, but there are free buses to pick you up. The price for a whole trip is 100 yuan per person, and that for a half trip is 60 yuan per person.

5. By Telpher

Doing sightseeing by telpher is a perfect way to enjoy the splendidness of the mountains, especially when you are tired. Ticket price on weekdays is 60 yuan per person for a round-trip; during weekend and holidays, the price is 70 yuan per person for a round trip and 45 yuan per person for a one-way trip.

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